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Tower of Vape | Winner’s List | 20141211

Welcome to those who are new to my blog. Here is where I put my weekly winner lists up for those who won on my vaping-related show: Cirrus of Passage. This airs 7-10PM EST on Vaping Underground Live (or affectionately called “VU Live.”) Below is the list of those who won on Episode 52 of

Tower of Vape | Winners List 20140515

Below is the list of those who won prizes on Episode 27 of Cirrus of Passage and Episode 3 of Crest of Resurgence on May 15, 2014. Special guest Dereck Seventytwo from Limelight Vapor (Cirrus of Passage); Nathan & Leana from Royal Crest Vapors (Crest of Resurgence) They were really fascinating shows for me to

Cirrus of Passage | Winners List 20140403

Below is the list of those who won prizes on Episode 21 of Cirrus of Passage on April 3, 2014. Special guests Spanky from Wacky Vapes and JennTXTunesLady! It was an INSANE show to say the least! NOTE: This list includes those who won during a fill-in show on Friday, April 4, 2014 5-6PM EST

Cirrus of Passage | Episode 21 Preview | 20140403

Here’s the preview for Episode 21 of Cirrus of Passage: Hosted by yours truly! Spanky from Wacky Vapes in TX will be on to discuss 2 of his lines of eliquids that recently started selling online. He’ll give us details on each of them. I’ll also be doing a Pre-VapeBash segment. I may have a

Tower of Vape | Wacky Vapes Teflon Don

Here’s the eliquid review I did for Teflon Don by Wacky Vapes!