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Tower of Vape | Announcements for July 31, 2014 Shows

Just a head’s up: I’ve been dealing with computer issues since I arrived home from my week-long trip last night. Because of that, I didn’t have enough prep time to deliver a full-on show. However, I will do the best I can to deliver a vaping-related show that will keep you interested and hopefully entertained

Tower of Vape | Announcements for June 12, 2014 Shows

Just a head’s up: I cancelled my guests for both of my shows because I am unwell at the present time. I will still try to broadcast my shows, but I didn’t want to introduce my guests when I’m not 100%. I refuse to have guests that are part of the vaping industry without giving

Tower of Vape | Vblog: Advocacy, Jenee, Drip Tips, JeannieK, Ken, and Vash

Here’s a vblog I did this evening on May 12, 2014. I covered advocacy, opinions on some of the stuff Jenee/Vapegirl discussed on he vlog, drip tips, JeannieK, GothicVash, and Anodizers-are-I!

Tower of Vape | Vblog: FDA, Chris & Chelsea, Schedule Changes

Here’s the VBlog I posted on April 27, 2014 that dealt with brief comments about the FDA, Chris and Chelsea from Nova Broadcasting, and Schedule Changes for the network I broadcast out of starting this Thursday!

Tower of Vape | Spontaneous Karaoke | 20140425

Just putting myself out there…with a big smile on my face! Let the “trolling” ensue *gulps* haha Tower of Vape | Spontaneous Karaoke | 20140425 from Tower of Vape on Vimeo.

Tower of Vape | Vblog | Family, Vapebash, and Thoughts 20140407

Here’s my latest Vlog/Vblog that deals with family, VapeBash3 in Rosemont, IL, and other thuoghts 🙂

Tower of Vape | VBlog | Q&A from viewers 20140331

This is the latest vblog I recorded: It’s a Q&A video I addressed since I started my review channel on #YouTube for full transparency!

Tower of Vape | Announcement Regarding Winners List for 20140227

Hey Guys! Because of a technical difficulty with the chat system on Vapers.TV, I was unable to give the last 5 giveaways. However, I will be filling in for Celtic Fury Friday, February 28, 2014 8A-12P EST on the following: Nova Broadcasting