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Tower of Vape | 5 from Dockside Vapors | 20151020

Dockside Vapors 5 from Dockside Vapors (Live from Vaping The Coast in Mobile, AL) Flavors include the following: Gus Custard Captain’s Berries The Floridian Keyblade Red Hill Original

Tower of Vape | 6 Eliquids by Adam Bomb Reviewed

Today I will be reviewing 5 eliquids by Adam Bomb: Distributed by Erika at Local Vape: Adam’s Apple Chillaxin Mama’s Cookies Nectar Strawberry Lemonade Sweet Melons

Tower of Vape | 3 Eliquids Review from VaporCraft

Here’s the VaporCraft #EJuice Review I did for 3 of their flavors: Lead Sled Miraculum #Winning

Tower of Vape | 5 from Toxic Angel’s Ejuice Reviews

Here’s the Toxic Angel’s E-Juice Review I did for 5 of their flavors: Banana Cream Juicy Nana Sinister Toxic Toxic Revenge (Beta)

Tower of Vape | ProtoVapor XPV DNA-20D Review

Here’s the mod review I did for The ProtoVapor XPV DNA-20D!

Cirrus of Passage | Winners List 20140410

Below is the list of those who won prizes on Episode 22 of Cirrus of Passage on April 10, 2014. Special guest host Mandi from Vapers Voyage and ME LIVE from VapeBash! It was an UNIQUE show to say the least! Hingham Hill (2x 10mil bottles) – DawnsFolly Unicorn Vapors (1x 30mil bottle) – SilverZero

Tower of Vape | Adam Bomb Paradise Eliquid

Here’s the eliquid review I did for Adam Bomb Paradise (Distributed by Local Vape)

Tower of Vape | Signature Sauses by Raider Chic Nannerberrygazm

Here’s the eliquid review I did for Nannerberrygazm by Signature Sauses by Raider Chic!

Tower of Vape | eVapesOK #22 & #47 Eliquids

Here’s the eliquid review I did for #22 & #47 by eVapesOK!

Tower of Vape | VBlog | Q&A from viewers 20140331

This is the latest vblog I recorded: It’s a Q&A video I addressed since I started my review channel on #YouTube for full transparency!

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