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Tower of Vape | Winner’s List | 20160415

Welcome to those who are new to my blog. Here is where I put my winner lists up for those who won on my vaping-related show: Cirrus of Passage: Episode 100 April 14, 2016. This was broadcast on Vaping Underground Live (or affectionately called “VU Live.”) —– Below is the list of those who won

Tower of Vape | Cirrus of Passage Winner’s List 20131219

Below is the list of those who won prizes on Episode 6 of Cirrus of Passage from December 19, 2013 with yours truly; Special Guests Jen and Mark from Marble Valley Vapor!: Hingham Hill (2x 10mil bottles) – Vaporhead Unicorn Vapors (1x 30mil bottle) – SpaceJam Hope-Liquids (2 Winners/1 30mil bottle each) – DawnsFolly, traderljp