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Tower of Vape | Cirrus of Passage Winner’s List 20131229

Below is the list of those who won prizes on Episode 8 of Cirrus of Passage from December 29, 2013 with yours truly; Special Guest Chris/Mad Alchemist from SteamJunkEliquid!: Hingham Hill (New Year’s Special Giveaway) (1x 120mil bottles) – Shopan Unicorn Vapors (1x 30mil bottle) – shawnyboo Hope-Liquids (2 Winners/1 30mil bottle each) – Nuvene,

Cirrus of Passage | Episode 8 Preview | 20131229

NOTE: Special Night & Time: Sunday, December 29, 2013 8-10PM EST/5-7PM PST. I will be filling in for Vapors Voyage with Max and Mandi! Hey everyone! As The New Year is upon us, I’m fortunate to have on as a guest Chris aka Mad Alchemist from SteamJunkEliquid. He started a premium line of eliquids that