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Tower of Vape | Winner’s List | 20150710

Welcome to those who are new to my blog. Here is where I put my weekly winner lists up for those who won on my vaping-related show: Cirrus of Passage: Episode 76. This aired on July 9, 2015 7PM-10PM EST. This was broadcast on Vaping Underground Live (or affectionately called “VU Live.”) —– Below is

Tower of Vape | Winners List 20140717

Below is the list of those who won prizes on Episode 36 of Cirrus of Passage and Episode 12 of Crest of Resurgence on July 17, 2014. Special thanks to Freeze from The TVA Show and VapeMania 14 (Cirrus of Passage) and Savagemann from Savage Juice (Crest of Resurgence) for coming on and taking the

Cirrus of Passage | Episode 36 Preview | 20140717

Here’s the preview for Episode 36 of Cirrus of Passage: Hosted by yours truly! Tonight we are having Freeze (and maybe Mooch 1) from The TVA Show & VapeMania 14! I’m looking forward to catching up with them to see what they’ve been up to on their weekly podcast as well as what they have

Cirrus of Passage | Winners List 20140116

Below is the list of those who won prizes on Episode 10 of Cirrus of Passage from January 16, 2014 with yours truly; Special Guests Freeze and Da Mooch from The TVA Show!: Hingham Hill (2x 10mil bottles) – dmilin Unicorn Vapors (1x 30mil bottle) – Kat462 Hope-Liquids (2 Winners/1 30mil bottle each) – sistercreepy,

Cirrus of Passage | Episode 10 Preview | 20140116

What is “UP” folks! I am BACK after taking last week off so Max and Mandi can make up an episode of Vapors Voyage. This week is a doozie! I have Freeze and Da Mooch from The TVA Show on as my special guests. I can’t even begin to imagine what’s going to happen. I