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Tower of Vape | Announcements for May 29, 2014 Shows

Hey everyone! Unfortunately, I won’t be broadcasting either of my shows tomorrow, May 29, 2014 due to a personal family commitment for the next few days. However, Scope666 from Scope Juice and The “Scope It Out” Show will be covering Cirrus of Passage and Max & Mandi from Vaper’s Voyage will be covering Crest of

Cirrus of Passage | Winners List 20140327

Below is the list of those who won prizes on Episode 20 of Cirrus of Passage from March 27, 2014. I want to take the time out to thank Mandi from Vapers Voyage and CountryPami for “holding the fort” while I was at the NYC meet last night. The two of you are AMAZING! Hingham