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Tower of Vape | 5 from Dockside Vapors | 20151020

Dockside Vapors 5 from Dockside Vapors (Live from Vaping The Coast in Mobile, AL) Flavors include the following: Gus Custard Captain’s Berries The Floridian Keyblade Red Hill Original

Tower of Vape | 6 Eliquids by Adam Bomb Reviewed

Today I will be reviewing 5 eliquids by Adam Bomb: Distributed by Erika at Local Vape: Adam’s Apple Chillaxin Mama’s Cookies Nectar Strawberry Lemonade Sweet Melons

Tower of Vape | 3 Eliquids Review from VaporCraft

Here’s the VaporCraft #EJuice Review I did for 3 of their flavors: Lead Sled Miraculum #Winning

Tower of Vape | 5 from Toxic Angel’s Ejuice Reviews

Here’s the Toxic Angel’s E-Juice Review I did for 5 of their flavors: Banana Cream Juicy Nana Sinister Toxic Toxic Revenge (Beta)

Cirrus of Passage | Episode 24 Preview | 20140424

Here’s the preview for Episode 24 of Cirrus of Passage: Hosted by yours truly! Tonight I bring Ken Walker from Walker Tobacco Alternatives! We will also dole out giveaways from the following sponsors who believe in this show and you the viewers: Hingham Hill by upStomp Unicorn Vapors HopE-Liquds BeeLiquid JWraps Hooligan Vapes Signature Sauses

Cirrus of Passage | Winners List 20140417

Below is the list of those who won prizes on Episode 23 of Cirrus of Passage on April 17, 2014. Special guest host JOIE! It was a fun and to me: Embarrassing show to say the least! NOTE: This includes winners that won during my fill-in show 6-8PM EST on Nova Broadcasting Friday, April 18,

Tower of Vape | Adam Bomb Paradise Eliquid

Here’s the eliquid review I did for Adam Bomb Paradise (Distributed by Local Vape)

Tower of Vape | Signature Sauses by Raider Chic Nannerberrygazm

Here’s the eliquid review I did for Nannerberrygazm by Signature Sauses by Raider Chic!

Tower of Vape | eVapesOK #22 & #47 Eliquids

Here’s the eliquid review I did for #22 & #47 by eVapesOK!

Tower of Vape | The Vape Shack 808 Unicorn Tears

Here’s the eliquid review I did for Unicorn Tears by The Vape Shack 808!

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