Tower of Vape | Announcements for June 12, 2014 Shows

Just a head’s up: I cancelled my guests for both of my shows because I am unwell at the present time. I will still try to broadcast my shows, but I didn’t want to introduce my guests when I’m not 100%. I refuse to have guests that are part of the vaping industry without giving my absolute best, so they have graciously agreed to come on next week (June 19) instead.

However, I will do my best tonight to have a “regular” show and include relevant content as such. Just bear with me if I am not at my best.

In the interim, I will still dole out giveaways from the following sponsors (half will be in rotation for “Cirrus of Passage,” half for “Cirrus of Passage”) during the broadcast:

Hingham Hill by upStomp
Unicorn Vapors
Hooligan Vapes
Signature Sauses
Timeless Vapor
Vaping Masters
Marble Valley Vapors
River Bottom Fog Sauce
Perfection Vapes

Please tune into Nova Broadcasting on Vapers.TV or Nova Broadcasting’s Main Site 8-10PM EST/5-7PM PST for Cirrus of Passage and 9-11PM PST/Midnight-2AM EST for Crest of Resurgence to watch each show!

Bear with me tonight…and thank you for continuing to support Nova Broadcasting and myself. It means a lot 🙂

*brofist* – Rich

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  • Jennifer

    Hope you feel better Rich and that you are feeling better