Tower of Vape | Announcement Regarding Winners List for 20140227


Hey Guys!

Because of a technical difficulty with the chat system on Vapers.TV, I was unable to give the last 5 giveaways.

However, I will be filling in for Celtic Fury Friday, February 28, 2014 8A-12P EST on the following:

Nova Broadcasting <--- Click there or Vapers.TV <-- Click there During this time, I will be providing the following giveaways: Marble Valley Vapors – 2 Winners: 1x 30mil bottle of eliquid apiece
River Bottom Fog Sauce – 2 Winners: 1x 30mil bottle of eliquid epiece
VaporJoes – 1 Winner: Tesla Mechanical Mod

After the completion of my fill-in show, I should have the winner’s list blog post up Friday afternoon. The deadline will be extended to 8AM Thursday, March 6, 2014 for this week’s giveaways because of “the gremlins” that visited my show in droves!

Thank you for continuing to support Nova Broadcasting, the hosts, my show, and me as I continue my journey through vaping: This “thing we do!”

*brofist* – R

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