Tower of Vape | Contest #1 Winners | 20140119


Hey everyone! Thanks to those who entered the contest!

I decided to give out a few consolation prizes along with the grand prize winner! Congratulations to the following people who I have already contacted individually! What I was looking for more than “huge” plumes was something that would impress me. The following folks impressed me the most because they did the most with what they had.

Grand Prize: Candace
Consolation Prize #1: Vik
Consolation Prize #2: Kenneth

Mind you, I’m going to hold another contest right before The Superbowl and I have a feeling it may a bit more epic.

I’ll most likely announce it along with details on my weekly show “Cirrus of Passage” on January 30, 2014 7-10PM EST on Nova Broadcasting!

Congratulations to the winners and trust me when I say, this is just the “warm-up” contest 🙂

Go Broncos! Time to Ride…to SuperBowl XLVIII

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  • Candace Champney

    Wooohooo….been doing contests for a month and my first win…epic win….for me…and Broncos going to the super bowl….thanks so much!!!!