Cirrus of Passage | Episode 9 Preview | 20140102


Happy New Year everyone!

Tonight I’m pleased to have on VaporCurt! He’s currently runs a shop called Beyond Vaping LLC and is also a host of his own vaping-related show on The Freakshow Network! We’ll be doing cross-promotional shows as I will be a guest on his show next Tuesday, January 7, 2013 at 10PM EST! We’ll be discussing topics such as how he got into vaping, some of the causes within the vaping community he’s passionate about, and how he decided to make a career change and run a shop! I’m looking forward to hanging out w/ him and I hope you guys find the appearance interesting and noteworthy!

As always, I’m going to have give-a-ways from my gracious sponsors including Hingham Hill by upStomp, Unicorn Vapors, HopE-Liquids, BeeLiquid, Greenman Ejuice, JWraps, Hooligan Vapes, Signature Sauses by Raider Chic, Timeless Vapor, VaporJoes, and Vaping Masters!

So come on in tonight…and “Let’s do this!”

*brofist* – R

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