Cirrus of Passage | Episode 6 Preview | 20131219


Episode 6 of “Cirrus of Passage” with yours truly

It’s Christmas time, so what better time is there than today to share some of my favorite devices, eliquids, and accessories.

I didn’t have time to discuss #IMPROOF, so I intend on giving my thoughts on this.

My special guests for this evening are Jen and Mark (VaporVixen & Warlordxxx respectfully) from Marble Valley Vapors.
I’ve known both of them for the majority of my vaping journey and I’m excited to hear what they’ve been currently working on with regard to modding, eliquids, and accessories!

As always, I have featuring giveaways from my proud sponsors:

BeeLiquid, Greenman Ejuice, Hingham Hill by upStomp, Hooligan Vapes, HopE-Liquid, J-Wraps, Signature Sauses by Raider Chic, Timeless Vapor, Unicorn Vapors, Vaping Masters, and VaporJoes!

Happy Holidays…and “Let’s do this!” 🙂 or

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