Tower of Vape | Cirrus of Passage Thanksgiving Episode 3 Preview | 20131127


Good evening everyone!

So tomorrow will be my 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Show! Like last year, I will have Dizzy Austere as my co-host. Props to Quest Vaping for letting me have her on considering she is usually on at the same time as me with “Vaping In The Nerd w/ Dizzy and TBolt!” Last year I gave away an array of my personal stash. What am I going to do this year? Yeah, you know it!

I’ve set up 5 packages that includes a mod donated by JRock and SnwBunni from Peace, Love and Vape (an Apex Clone) and an ABUNDANCE of ejuice from my personal stash. If you know me well enough, you know I have a MASSIVE amount, so I’m going to PIF some of it to 5 lucky winners. Will I add a mod to these packages? I will to some, but it’s a manner of if you pick the right package. I will number them 1-5 and give each winner a choice (except for the last winner who will only have 1 package to choose from). What will you need to do to win one of these sweet packages? You will have to answer a question based on one of the videos that I have pinned on my Pinterest “Vaping” board. The location of that board can be found HERE!!!

I’m giving you all a head’s up on where you can find the answer because my questions will require some digging. However, I promise that if you’re one of the winners, you will certainly not regret it!

As always, I will also have giveaways from my gracious sponsors:

Greenman Ejuice
Hingham Hill by upStomp
Hooligan Vapes
Signature Sauses by Raider Chic
Timeless Vapor
Unicorn Vapors
Vaping Masters

So come on in tomorrow…and let’s do this!

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