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Tower of Vape | 3 Eliquids Review from VaporCraft

Here’s the VaporCraft #EJuice Review I did for 3 of their flavors: Lead Sled Miraculum #Winning

Vaper’s Voyage | Preview for 20140720

Good evening! As you can see, I’m still here temporarily filling in for Max Slaine and Em_Kraz! On this episode of Vapers Voyage, we have our resident “Elf” to shoot the breeze: Maybe talk about ElfWick a little as our guest. We’ll also be doling out giveaways from the following sponsors: JWraps Coast2Coast Vaping Enchanged

Tower of Vape | Winners List 20140717

Below is the list of those who won prizes on Episode 36 of Cirrus of Passage and Episode 12 of Crest of Resurgence on July 17, 2014. Special thanks to Freeze from The TVA Show and VapeMania 14 (Cirrus of Passage) and Savagemann from Savage Juice (Crest of Resurgence) for coming on and taking the

Crest of Resurgence | Preview Episode 12 | 20140717

Here’s the preview for Episode 12 of Crest of Resurgence: Hosted by yours truly! Tonight I’m glad to have on Savagemann from Savage Juice! We will also be doling out giveaways from the following sponsors (half will be in rotation for this show, half for “Cirrus of Passage”) during the broadcast: Hingham Hill by upStomp

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